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Wild & Wicked Youth

Released September 8, 2017

"‘Wild & Wicked Youth’ from Kim Lowings and The Greenwood - dynamic, invigorating, different and exceptional"

Folk Words

"This album is a delight to listen to. Kim’s honey vocals, and the beautiful arrangements and songs means you’ll come back to it again and again." FATEA

"The album has some excellent production and the CD bursts at the seams with an energetic yet charming character, it is a flock of  Will-o’-the-wisps circling the folk forest, climbing and dancing, never stopping." Folk Phenomena

"Overall, the album is full of fun. It’s lighthearted, with sweet and happy melodies." Noizze

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Wild & Wicked Cover Sessions

Released February 22, 2018

This CD was put together with a limited run of 100 physical copies. Now only available for digital download or streaming. 
Assembled as part of the crowdfunding for the main album Wild & Wicked Youth. The tracks were chosen by fans.

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Released October 1, 2015

"KLG have found that chemistry between the four of them which creates something special and something which you can never quite describe or pin down but, like all good songs and music, you know it when you hear it." Folkall

"...It is a bridge for many to enter the folk fold which in itself occupies the genre in an individual and unexpected way." She Dances In The Mind

"As the torch passes from one generation to the next, it’s reassuring to know that, with the likes of Lowings, British folk music continues to remain in very good hands." Folk Radio

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Deepest Darkest Night (EP)

Released August 17, 2013 

"Kim’s style of music is very story-focussed and her vocals do a great job of keeping the listener hanging on her words as the background music then swarms in and to pull them into the story." Bright Young Folk

"This is Lowings' second offering after her full album she has the perfect voice for folk/acoustic music it's soft, ethereal and has a range than can reach the tops of the trees or glide along the moss down below." Folkall

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This Life

Released August 24 2012

This Life is the debut album by Kim Lowings & The Greenwood. 
12 tracks including originals such as Phoenix & Did you ever? & arrangements of traditional folk songs such as Devil & The Ploughman & The Begging Song. 

"A promising debut filled with traditional and contemporary folk songs filled with rebellion and charm."

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