Kim Lowings is a British songwriter and musician. Born and raised in the West Midlands, Kim has built up a national reputation with its roots at the heart of the country. She is perhaps best known for her work with The Greenwood and ‘folk supergroup’ The Company Of Players. Other collaborations include session work on albums such as We Sat Back and Watched It Unfold (Chris Cleverley) and Bring Back The Spring (John Richards).


Kim Lowings and The Greenwood continue to delight audiences at folk clubs, festivals and events nationally with their lively and engaging stage presence. Their most recent album Wild & Wicked Youth was incredibly well received with both national and international airplay including BBC Radio 2. 

As a solo performer, Kim shines a light on her love of storytelling through song. Piano, guitar and mountain dulcimer compliment her sparkling vocals. The breadth and quality of the material enables Kim's work to appeal to folk venues and festivals of all shapes and sizes in solo, duo and full band form.




I was always interested in music from an early age. I loved taking part in choirs, exploring harmony and joining bands of all kinds (orchestra, rock band, big band). I continued with this passion for musical education through sixth form and onto university. I studied at Dartington College of Art with a semester abroad at Lasalle in Singapore. I missed my graduation ceremony to spend some time with family in Seattle, USA. This was really the pivotal moment when I realised I wanted to be a full time musician. I met some incredibly inspiring people while I was out there and discovered the beauty of the mountain dulcimer at an open mic night in Greenwood. The band name is in memory of that time.


But the band didn't happen right away. I came back to the UK and started venturing out to folk clubs around the Midlands in early 2011. It was a fascinating insight into how folk tradition is celebrated. For my early shows, I recruited my Dad and other friends and family members to collaborate with me. There was something unique about collaborating with my Dad on songs and he has played a huge role in my development as a writer and performer. We still work together now as a duo and as part of The Greenwood. The other longtime Greenwood members include Tim Rogers who has worked with many bands as a drummer and percussionist across genres and Dave Sutherland who is often drafted in to play double bass for many fantastic musicians. He is also a stellar songwriter. 

I have been very lucky to work on some exciting collaborations in the past few years. The Company Of Players project was a particular career highlight. Jess Distill from folk trio Said The Maiden brought together a dynamic ten-piece folk ensemble to write and explore Shakespeare's contemporary relevance. The original line up comprised of Jess Distill, Minnie Birch, Chris Cleverley, Lukas Drinkwater, Hannah Elizabeth, Sam Kelly, Daria Kulesh, Kelly Oliver, Kathy Pilkinton and myself. The resulting album Shakespeare Songs features two songs that I brought to the project - Gather Round and Song Of The Philomel and also a collaborative song Jessica's Sonnet that I co-wrote with Sam Kelly (words by Kelly Francis). We played some incredible live shows across the country including The Other Place at The Royal Shakespeare Company. You can find the album HERE.

Fast forward to the present. I am a new Mum, a music tutor and excited to be continuing the journey of live music with fresh material being explored for potential touring in 2021 and studio work. It will be an interesting time for musicians, promoters and audiences when we re-emerge from this Covid-19 crisis. Nobody can forsee what the future holds, but I am certain that music keeps us connected.

Stay safe and well



"A masterclass of stagecraft, songwriting, lead & harmony vocals, musicianship, arrangement and fun"

The Woodman Folk Club

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